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New Podcast For Celebrity Kids

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Tyme Journey (Daughter of KRS-One) drops a new podcast for celebrity kid. Tyme grew up in the music industry as a saleswomen, "merch girl" for her father's tour merchandise and worked that gig for over 10 years. Like most celebrity or industry kids, Tyme was approached by many lovers, some haters and a lot of users during her teenage years, she grew up constantly asking herself "Who am I"? Due to the constant questions aimed towards her identity. Later she found a sense of identity through hobbies like dance, photography, DIY and other cool skills she later utilized as an adult. But as she was growing and learning, more users began to approach. She tells a story about one summer on tour where she was selling merchandise as usual and being approached by many different characters at the show. some were good, some were drunk and others had a motive. One guy walked up to the table to ask about prices and backstage passes, Tyme provided him with all the knowledge he needed but once she began to speak he realized Tyme was not just another merch girl, she's KRS-One's daughter. So he becomes more flirtatious and complementary and she's falling for every word. At this point the show is about to end so in his last attempt to get what he wants he asked Tyme "What do I have to do to you to get to him". This question summed up the way she perceived people who would give her the time of day especially when they found out who she was. Today, Tyme is an entrepreneur, film maker and beauty influencer. She is also the founder of BDP.ONE a streetwear apparel brand that pays homage to legendary rap group Boogie Down Productions. You can learn more about Tyme Journey and the podcast at or her Instagram @tymejourney. Tune in to the first episode on Spotify and BDP TV.

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