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"BDP.ONE Promotes Activism Through Street Wear."

Taking inspiration from legendary rap group, Boogie Down Productions, BDP.ONE promotes activism through street wear fashion. With designs like "You Must Learn" and "Why Is That?" BDP.ONE creates thought provoking apparel with a Hip Hop flare.

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Tyme Journey is an American entrepreneur, film maker, and content creator from Burbank, California. She is widely known as being the daughter of KRS-One and GSimone who assigned to her at 8 years old, the responsibility of product management ("merch girl") for the family business. Worldwide tours became her entire childhood and after 10 + years of selling CD's, t-shirts, and books, Tyme started her own brand inspired by her legacy and love for streetwear, BDP.ONE.

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Learn more about BDP.ONE's Vision For Supporting Local Communities.

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